Hi, I'm nik!


During weekdays (and on some weekends too) I’m a dedicated, location independent radio imaging producer. On quite a few weekend evenings you can find me being an open format DJ. And on some of those nights after 4am, I can become this guy.

Radio imaging and producing exciting audio for radio has been my core passion for over a decade. I’m specialized and particularly enjoy producing musical imaging elements, mashups, beatmixes, song brandings and power intros. Occasionally I dab with original music production, but haven’t created anything that I’d be comfortable showing to the world just yet. My dream is to launch a boutique, affordable radio imaging service, that’s a little different than what’s currently on the market. My other, but equally huge dream, is to one day (or regularly) work for this station.

Thanks for visiting my site and have fun looking/listening around. If you find something you like, feel free to contact me.

Oh, you read all the way down here?! Here’s something that’ll almost certainly put a smile on your face. If it didn’t, then this definitely will.

 Aslo my fav song of Nov 2018 is this one.