radio si imaging music promo mashup beatmix.jpeg

Radio Si Imaging

by Nik Smon

My first radio-work place and basically the station that made me fall in love with radio in general - when I was still a toddler. Radio Si is part of the public broadcaster in Slovenia and known for their specific musical taste. They play a broad selection of music. When we brainstormed about what to do, my suggestion was to “boast” about the huge music variety they play - something other stations in the market don’t really do. That’s why I created these long, seamlessly flowing, beatmixes, sometimes mashups that work quite well on-air. After a few listens, they almost become songs themselves. I’m happy with how they turned out and with the freedom the PD gives me to test out new things. Also, the huge music library of the station, is a big plus for creating unexpected song combinations in an unexpected way - unexpectability galore. (Did I just create a new word? Or is that just a fancy way of speaking poor English? - I’ll let you be the judge.)

p.s. I’m not taking credit for the “from this - to this” claim. I shamelessly stole this great idea from a man I highly respect - Paul Armstrong - who did those kind of elements back in 2008 when he was still at Xfm, which is now RadioX.