Studio Brussel StuBru Imaging mashup beatmix Radio.jpg

Studio Brussel Imaging

by Nik Smon

In late 2016 I created these beatmixes / mashups for Studio Brussel. StuBru wanted to showcase all the new music they’d be playing in 2017 - in a cool way. I did my best to deliver. Hearing StuBru’s station voice on my imaging work, was like an 8-year-old boy’s dream come true. When the head of StuBru’s imaging got back to me with the finished productions, I took the day off and just celebrated with a huge grin on my face. Yes, for the whole day. And, yes, StuBru is my favorite radio station in the world. And, yes, I might have a bit of a producer crush on them. (Is that even a thing? It must be.) Not without reason though! Without going into too much detail, I think they’re amazing at what they do. From the music selection, the on-air talent to the imaging production and delivery of music. A station which all PDs should give a listen, at some point, and try to pick out something for their format - there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening there.

p.s. When creating this page, I listened through all versions that ended up not being used. In hindsight, maybe, just maybe, I might have over-complicated a tiny little bit (because excitement got the best of me), but for an interesting look into the creative process, I thought I’d post all the different versions. I left the original names that I used for saving the versions. Please excuse the profanity, I believe you might get a laugh out of it though… You can check them out here.